All about Dayna

[Jump to photo gallery] Our third shoot with the lovely Dayna Nirvana.

I always enjoy shoots with Dayna because she is just such good fun. She is also a very competent and confident model. And being a trained dancer and gymnast, she has amazing flexibility. She is what our transatlantic cousins would call a “class act”.

We dubbed the shoot “All About Dayna” because we intended to go through all the outfits and ideas we planned for previous shoots, but ran out of time, again! Well this time we managed to do the corsets. We also did some strappy swimsuits and long boots. Got in a very snug-fitting old-style corselette. And we managed a few of the vintage poses too c/w moody lighting. But as usual the clock ran out on us. But that is no bad thing because it means we still have shed-loads of ideas for shoot. Which I am looking forward to very much indeed.

Lovely model, lovely person, and as ever, very highly recommended.

All about Dayna pictures

(Monochrome images are on gallery page 2.)

Dayna Nirvana pictures taken by other photographers…

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