Debbie and Taryn retro fitness

Debbie, shoulders back, tummy in!

This is a classic retro fitness shoot, where Debbie teaches new girl Taryn how to pose the “retro way“.

We have worked with Debbie since 1996. She is an experienced retro fitness model. She is also a very good model trainer and it is always fun to watch her getting new girls into shape. Most importantly, Debbie is a very kind and considerate person who believes in  the art of gentle persuasion. She also believes in the importance of good posture and deportment and is keen to pass her old-fashioned but very effective techniques on to new models.

Taryn, on the other hand,  is comparatively new to retro modelling. This is her third shoot. She is a strong, athletic girl who trained as a trampolinist in her teens. She was delighted to learn a few tips from an experienced model such as Debbie.

We start with a few monochrome snaps of Debbie gently coaxing Taryn’s body into  shape, in order to help her achieve that classic hourglass figure. They girls then move on to a variety of exercises, designed to straighten and elongate their spines, pull back their shoulders, nip in their waists and flatten their tummies. Finally, Debbie laces Taryn into a Vollers corset, out of curiosity. We were interested to see what an old-fashioned corset would do to a modern girl’s figure. As it happens, it did quite a lot…

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