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Natty Badger pinup fitness – a fabulous first shoot with the delightful Miss Badger. Her pre-shoot comms were excellent. She came beautifully prepared for the shoot with a case full of accessories and shoes. She also pays great attention to detail, e.g. fingernails, toenails and lipstick all matching. She had even printed out and read the shoot-plan!

In addition to her legendary love of badgers, Nat has sparkly eyes, a fantastic figure and a smile that lights up the room. Six or seven hours in her company disappeared in what seems more like a few minutes. She is also an amazingly well-organised person.

Sadly, as is so often the case with first shoots, we ran out of time to cover everything we planned. But we still managed five sets – and I lost count of the costume changes. Even better, she has promised to come back for another shoot later in the year, to all the stuff we ran out of time to do this time.

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