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[Jump to photo gallery] Laurii Jae pinup – a very enjoyable and productive first shoot with the lovely LJ. Turns out that this wasn’t just her first pinup vintage shoot, it was her first ever studio shoot too.

It’s always interesting to shoot with someone who has never done vintage pinup before – or done anything remotely like it. She used our influences section so that she could practise some poses at home before the shoot. And of course, this style of work requires particular attention to posture and elegance. So it is always rather good fun watching a modern girl virtually going back in time and getting to grips with how things were done in olden times. It is also amazing to see the simple old fashioned techniques of stretching spines and pulling in tummies can transform the figure of a modern girl.

Well, LJ seemed to enjoy herself, and the transformation was quite amazing. Her pre-shoot communications were good and she took a lot of trouble to prepare for the shoot carefully. Unfortunately, thanks to unexpected last minute local rail cancellations – not her fault – our shoot was a little shorter than planned. But we still did loads of costume changes – and have loads more in mind for our next shoot.

She is a hardworking lass, who gave 100% to the shoot. She is also a very considerate person who tried her best to make the shoot go well. Lovely model, lovely person and I am very much looking forward to working with her again.

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