Alexa Rose Webb pinup

[Jump to photo gallery] So far, 2017 has proven a very good year for shoots and Alexa Rose Webb pinup shoot was no exception. I have been discussing the shoot with her for weeks and she came well prepared with her make-up and fingernails done perfectly. Her long legs and slim but curvy figure are perfect for vintage. She also has a good understanding of the genre.

It is always good fun watching modern girls perform old fashioned deportment exercises, so that’s where we started with Alexa. We put her in a Chinese-made 60’s-style bikini and gave her the old, “shoulders back, tummy in” type instructions. Well, as the pictures will confirm, she took to it like a duck to water. We then went on and gave her a heavily-jewelled dance top and 60’s style control briefs – worn as hot-pants to show off her fabulous figure in a classy, understated way. Then we changed the background and did some retro beachwear shots. wearing a variety of vintage one-piece swimsuits. All of which looked fabulous on her.

Finally we changed the background again to something much darker, added a couple of filter gels to the studio lighting and switched on the fog machine. Meanwhile we laced Alexa into a variety of different corsets including a particularly nice black satin over bust one of her own..

Only trouble was that our six hour shoot shot past in what seemed more like about twenty minutes. Whilst we managed a fair few costume and lighting changes, sadly we didn’t have time for everything we planned. But hopefully she will like the photos so much that she will come back for a rematch at some point. 🙂

Lovely model, lovely person. Highly recommended.

Alexa Rose Webb pictures

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