Salina Pun pinup fitness shoot

[Jump to photo gallery] Salina Pun pinup fitness shoot – just finished packing up the studio following my first shoot with the beautiful and charming Salina Pun. This girl is an absolute gem. Tall slim, elegant, with a tiny little waist and long, long legs that seem to go on forever! She also has a smile that lights up the room and lovely clear complexion. Even better for my style of work, she has no tattoos or silly piercings. Not one. Not even a small one!

Her pre-shoot communications were excellent and she was very active in the planning of the shoot. She is very keen to learn and took direction well. She also had plenty of ideas of her own that she was able too blend in nicely with the theme of the shoot.

One of the really nice things about Salina is that she has a great “sense of fun”. And she is able to translate this into her photographic work in a fun and playful way. Consequently, our 6.5 hour shoot whizzed past in what seemed like about twenty minutes. In which time we did a fitness session, some stop fame animations, some classic beachwear pinup and a little time at the end to experiment with some serious corsetry c/w filter gels and the fog machine.

Unfortunately however, the clock ran out on us before we had time to complete everything we planned – and there are still dozens of costumes left to try. But we are already making plans for our second shoot, which I hope will take place very soon indeed.

Lovely model, lovely person and very highly recommended.

Salina Pun pinup fitness shoot pictures

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One thought on “Salina Pun pinup fitness shoot

  1. Thank you again for your wonderful work on my pictures and I had such a great time in the studio!

    Highly recommend everyone to work with Garf!!!!!

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