ZoeCharlotte pinup

[Jump to photo gallery] Just finished tidying up the studio after a fabulous shoot with the lovely bundle of enthusiasm that is ZoeCharlotte. I subsequently learnt that this was her first time in a studio though I would never have believed it. She turned up on time, well-prepared, with a bag of outfits to add to the shoot. She posed and took direction well and really enjoyed experimenting with new technology. She also has a perfect vintage figure and a really good sense of fun which comes across on camera beautifully.

I’m always a bit concerned about boyfriends as chaperones. But James was a nice guy. Helped when needed. Stayed out of the way when not needed. And it seems he is an even bigger LED fan than I am!

All in all, a thoroughly good day’s shooting. Only trouble was it whizzed by so fast and we didn’t have time to try all the outfits we hoped. However, they tell me they are in my part of the world fairly frequently. So I hope we we’ll see them here for another shoot in the very near future.


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