Sophie Pixie

[Jump to photo gallery] Just finished clearing up the studio following a fabulous first shoot with the lovely Sophie Pixie.

Sophie came well prepared for the shoot, with beautifully applied make-up. Apparently she was up at 06:00 just to get her hair done, with authentic-looking victory rolls.. She also took the trouble to ensure she had matching lips fingernails and toe nails.

Although this was her first vintage pinup shoot, she took to the genre very quickly. She has a delightfully petite slim but shapely figure, which is enhanced considerably by her lovely posture. She also has a smile that lights up the room and a way of adding a great sense of fun to the shoot. Even better, she has no tattoos, not even a small one. This makes her perfect for my style of work.

Equally important, she is very nice to work with – a very kind and considerate sort of girl, keen and eager to help. This lead to a remarkably pleasant and productive first shoot and I am really looking forward to working with Sophie again.

Sophie Pixie pictures

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