Chiara and Moonlit Jane

Our own regular model Chiara and Chinese model Moonlit Jane enjoy their third retro-fitness shoot together. During the first two shoots, Chiara taught Moonlit Jane how to pose retro style and frequently corrected Jane’s posture to get the look we wanted. However, Moonlit Jane has come a long way since her first shoot, as you can see from her elegant posture and fabulously flat stomach.

So this time, we turned the tables and asked Moonlit Jane to work on Chiara’s figure instead. This was great because Moonlit Jane has her own quite demanding exercise and fitness routine that Chiara would be made to do. Even better, Jane insisted that Chiara maintained perfect posture throughout the shoot, even during difficult, unfamiliar exercise routines. It is always a pleasure to see another model actually working on Chiara’s figure for a change. Chiara has a very “sculptable” body and the more one works on it, the better it looks.

Of course, Chiara still kept her eye on Jane’s figure too, and she was quick to correct any faults as soon as they appeared. Sometimes the girls accidentally corrected each other at exactly the same time – which was rather amusing! As a result of all their hard work, both girls were able to achieve deliciously flat tummies, along with those tiny, tucked-in, concave waists that we admire so much here at

Near the end of the shoot, we put the models in some very tight, (probably too tight) Maidenform waist-nipper girdles, just to make their waists look even tinier. Normally this amount of waist nipping would cause their lower tummies to bulge, especially as these waist-nippers have little tummy control below the hook-and-eye waistband. However, the girls’ tummy muscles were so taut after all that working out that their lower abdomens stayed almost completely flat – albeit with the occasional pats-on-the-tum to keep them that way!

Jane turned out to be a demanding teacher who expected a very high standard of figure control from Chaira. This meant we captured lots of candid snaps of the body shaping process as Jane eased Chiara’s shoulders down and back, pushed her chest up and forward and gently-but-firmly squeezed her tummy in, whenever Chiara let it protrude, even very slightly. As Jane said, “revenge is sweet!”

As an experienced retro model, Chiara is used to being told to “pull your stomach in” and to “make it look natural and easy“. She tells us that she actually quite likes being made to keep her tummy in because the more often she does it, the easier it gets. Just like the late, great Bettie Page, Chiara has been consciously pulling in her stomach in order to enhance her figure, ever since her teens. Chiara believes that in addition to making girls look taller and slimmer, regularly using one’s tummy muscles to keep it flat is a very effective passive exercise too. Unsurprisingly, she reckons that a four-hour retro shoot for always gives her tummy muscles a really good workout!

Consequently, having done three years of regular retro-fitness shoots, Chiara’s figure control is excellent. The second you point a camera at Chiara, her shoulders go back, her chest lifts up, her tummy goes in and her waist shrinks by up to ten centimetres! However, she admits that it is also easy to forget and let it all hang out, especially when she is tired, or concentrating on other things. That’s why Chiara and many of our other regular models often use girdles, tight belts and/or corsets, especially near the end of retro shoots, just to remind themselves to keep “tucked in“, even if they are tired.

So it was great having someone else to remind Chiara constantly to tuck in and if necessary, mould her back into shape whenever she forgot her figure-control. Seems she rather enjoyed the experience too and she was delighted with the way Jane sculpted her. She commented afterwards, “She [Moonlit Jane] really woke up my tummy muscles this time!

I have to admit, it was rather good fun filming Chiara as she received a dose of her own “Shoulders back! Tummy in!” medicine. Chiara has a very sculptable, responsive figure and it was a delight to watch another model sculpting her so beautifully. Consequently, we plan to develop further teacher-student role-reversal themes for Chiara, in future retro-fitness shoots.

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