Chiara Maidenform Bonnie Cashin ad project

Working with Chiara tends to inspire me with strange or surreal ideas. This shoot was based on a 1961 magazine advert for Maidenform girdles. Basically it involved taking two images of the model, one in a girdle and another shot of her wearing the same girdle under her dress. The two images were stitched together in GIMP.

Emulating ad and the warm-up fitness session

About the fitness session

Often with Chiara’s shoots, she does a little “warm-up” session first to get into shape while we discuss our ideas.


On reflection, I think we did not do this particularly well. This was my fault not the model’s.

  1. virtual girls should have been closer together
  2. should have been more evenly lit
  3. wrong type of dress – it really did not show off model’s figure adequately

However, it was brilliant fun and we plan to re-shoot the idea again in the near future. Seems the Bonnie Cashin ad was one of a series and we will try to collect some of the others to assist us with our ideas.

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