Pixiee-Lou second pinup shoot

Pixiee-Lou rotation

[Jump to photo gallery] My second shoot with the lovely Pixiee-lou. Now, Pixiee is probably one of the most versatile models currently on the scene, with a huge diversity of styles and ideas in her various web folios.

So I jumped at the chance of being able to work with her again. This time, we did two basic sets:-

A high-key strobe-lit vintage-fitness set. This gave us a chance to try a rotation and a few other fitness-type sequences

Then in the afternoon we went low-key, set up the RGB LED and the smoke machine and did some alternative Christmas shots too.

Unfortunately once again the clock gave up on us and the shoot was over. But not before we got lots of pictures in the can.

For those who may not remember Pixiee’s first shoot with us, here’s where to find it:-


Pixiee-Lou second pinup fitness shoot pictures

Pixiee-Lou’s pictures taken by other photographers…

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