[Jump to Photos] Enjoyed a fabulous first retro pinup-fitness shoot with the lovely and aptly-named VZ-Retro. She arrived exactly on time and her pre-shoot comms were excellent. Her boyfriend came as chaperone. Normally I am not keen on boyfriends as chaperones. But Chris was a lovely chap and very helpful too. Turns out that he has a PP account to and is actually a rather good photographer himself. https://purpleport.com/portfolio/christophergeorge/

The shoot went very well and we were able to mix and match lots of our costumes with the ones that VZ kindly brought with her. Sadly she felt a little poorly towards the end of the shoot. But we plan for a “rematch” in the not-to-distant future.

VZ Retro’s pictures

(Monochrome images are on gallery page 2.)

Pictures of VZ-Retro by other photographers

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