Chiara and Synthetic Cookie

Chiara and Synthetic Cookie in their first retro girdles and corsets shoot – much of it shot outdoors. Synthetic Cookie is a very tall, slim and attractive redhead. She is also an experienced alternative/fetish model. And she is a self-confessed corset addict and likes doing unusual shoots, especially if corsets are involved.

Meanwhile our regular retro model Chiara is also rather keen on corsets. She also enjoys training and sculpting new models to help them achieve the classic retro hourglass shape that we all know and love here at In fact she is rather good at it. And she really likes it when other models can sculpt her too because, as she puts it: “It straightens me up and wakes up my tummy muscles after hours of hunching over a computer screen.

Chiara also believes that all models need good posture, especially when shooting retro and has often said,  “Skinny girls need to pull their tummies in too because even the slightest bulge will show.”

Well, here we have the perfect subject for Chiara to prove her theory – a very tall slim girl, well used to having her tummy encased in tight corsets and perfectly happy for Chiara to squeeze, shape and prod her as needed, in order to achieve the desired body shape.  And she was feisty enough to do the same back to Chiara, so that she kept in shape too. So all-in-all, the makings of a very interesting shoot.


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