Chiara corsets and sci-fi

[Jump to Photos] Those familiar with this site will already be familiar with the lovely Chiara. Chiara and I have been working together nearly twenty years. Chiara is a very skilled and competent model. I always leap at the chance of working with her again. Shoot theme My shoots with Chiara have always been enjoyable… Read More »

Chiara Returns

[Jump to photo gallery] Just had the pleasure of working with one of my all-time favourite models. Chiara returns to the studio! I first worked with Chiara way back in June 2001 - 2001-06-09 to be precise. Since then we have done literally hundreds of shoots together. Unfortunately in recent years, our shoots have… Read More »

Chiara fitness and girdle review

[Jump to photo gallery] After quite a long gap we finally got Chiara down for another shoot. And very productive it was too. Firstly we did another "Bonnie Cashin Madenform Girdle" style. Then she did another of her excellent girdle reviews. This time it was a particularly slinky-looking black nylon/Lycra Miraclesuit strapless bodyshaper girdle. [caption… Read More »

Sarah’s third post-pregnancy shoot

This is the third of a series of photo shoots, intended to document Sarah's progress as she gets back into shape after given birth to two healthy babies. Readers may recall that Sarah ended her second shoot enjoying a deportment session with Chiara. It went really rather well, so we decided to get them together… Read More »

Sarah second post-pregnancy shoot

This is the second of a series of photo shoots, intended to document Sarah's progress as she gets back into shape after given birth to two healthy babies. First part of the shoot was with Sarah on her own, modelling her own tightly-laced corset, teamed up with  a pair of snugly fitting black lycra control… Read More »

Chiara modelling golden American swimsuit

This is a brief shoot where Chiara models a very stylish Half Moon retro one-piece swimsuit, kindly provided by eBay seller Bella Swimwear USA. Unfortunately, due to bad weather and other pressures, we haven't been able to shoot outside. We'll probably do that next spring. Note the "girdle" snaps at the end are unrelated to… Read More »

Chiara 10 years of shooting

I first worked with Chiara way back 2001-06-09. In that time we have done dozens of shoots and taken many thousands of pictures. In that time we have become good fiends and done many projects together. Whilst it has always been brilliant fun, it has also been a lot of work, and poor Chiara has… Read More »

Chiara girdle review

In the tradition of our old Zona project, we asked Chiara to do another modern girdle review shoot. Only this time we decided not merely to photograph the garments, but also to sum up Chiara's opinions in pictures [nggallery id=16 template=caption] So here we have two low-cost but nicely-made new black pantie girdles bought via… Read More »

Chiara Maidenform Bonnie Cashin ad project

Working with Chiara tends to inspire me with strange or surreal ideas. This shoot was based on a 1961 magazine advert for Maidenform girdles. Basically it involved taking two images of the model, one in a girdle and another shot of her wearing the same girdle under her dress. The two images were stitched together… Read More »

Cara Mascara and Chiara

Cara Mascara's first shoot with, choreographed by Chiara. Cara is a very pretty young lady. With a little help from Chiara, she got the hang of retro very quickly indeed. [nggallery id=141 template=caption] Read More »

Chiara and Heather Pink Shoot

This shoot was entirely Heather's own idea. In this "pink-themed" shoot, Heather teams up with regular model Chiara. Chiara's role was to  help Heather pose with that classic retro pin-up body shape, so we could capture some authentic-looking retro dressing-room pictures. [nggallery id=28 template=caption] Read More »

Chiara tidies the studio

Chiara is not merely a very talented retro model. She is also my researcher, shoot organiser, model trainer and she organises the studio. Those familiar with this site will know that often when she is sorting out the place or tidying up the studio, she replaces her normal clothes with a t-shirt, bra and pantie… Read More »

Chiara and Laura retro fitness shoot

[singlepic id=2597 w=296 h=222 float=left][singlepic id=2598 w=296 h=222 float=right] Regular model Chiara teaches Laura the art of creating that authentic retro body shape. Using Chiara's tried-and tested methods of good posture and good corsetry, both young ladies go on to create some fantastic imagery. This shoot works particularly well because the models take it in… Read More »

Chiara with guest photographer Ryan Cleminson

Chiara models for and guest photographer, Ryan Cleminson. She starts the shoot in business clothes then changes into a retro knitted bikini. Finally she poses in t-shirt, PVC top, long-line strapless bra, and black control briefs worn as tummy-flattening, butt-shaping hot pants. [nggallery id=34 template=caption] Read More »

Chiara bra and girdle exercises

Chiara puts on a bra wriggles into a girdle - worn as hotpants - and teams this up with a matching top, then tidies up the studio. Occasionally she pauses to do some tummy exercises. Meanwhile we follow her with a camera and snap her whenever she does anything particularly interesting or photogenic. [nggallery id=39… Read More »

Chiara and Heather retro fitness

Today, regular model Chiara teaches Heather how to do the retro thing. Meanwhile we also got some splendid pictures of Heather doing musical things too. She is a talented singer and songwriter too. [nggallery id=137 template=caption] But Chiara's main concern was to help Heather achieve that authentic retro shape. She was also keen to… Read More »

Chiara and Jade retro fitness in shapewear

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="288"] Achieving that concave waist - Chiara helps  Jade tuck her tummy in with the aid of an out-of-shot full length mirror and some firm but gentle squeezing, in just the right places....[/caption] Chiara and Jade, model for a particularly productive "retro fitness in shapewear" shoot. The concept was to shape each… Read More »