Jade and Stephy

[Jump to photo gallery] Jade and Stephy - a two girl pin-up fitness shoot pinup fitness shoot. Actually, we asked Jade to arrive a few hours earlier than Stephy. We used the time to do a set using low power LED Kensington Flylights. Another set followed, where she wore a rather tight, shiny, latex minidress.… Read More »

Dawsie retro fitness and figure shaping

[Jump to photo gallery] Just enjoyed an amazingly productive 6-hour vintage fitness pinup shoot with Dawsie. Whilst this genre was new to her, she took to it very quickly. The task was made easier by the fact she is physically fit and has a lovely hourglass figure. The shoot comprised of a series of sets… Read More »

Chiara fitness and girdle review

[Jump to photo gallery] After quite a long gap we finally got Chiara down for another shoot. And very productive it was too. Firstly we did another "Bonnie Cashin Madenform Girdle" style. Then she did another of her excellent girdle reviews. This time it was a particularly slinky-looking black nylon/Lycra Miraclesuit strapless bodyshaper girdle. [caption… Read More »

Chiara unplanned

This was a relatively unplanned shoot where we mixed outfits from the waist.it props-box with some items from Chiara's wardrobe. The results were much better than we expected. But then, Chiara has done a lot of retro shoots now and know exactly how to carry off that look. [nggallery id=55 template=caption] Read More »