Stephy Samer Fashion Shoot

[Jump to photo gallery]Stephy Samer Fashion Shoot - a fashion shoot with the lovely Stephy Samer. Stephy is half-Egyptian and half-Brazilian, and is a regular visitor to my studio. As you can see from the images below, she has a fabulous figure and perfect posture. She is also a very intelligent and articulate young women,… Read More »

Chelskii and Laura vintage fitness

[Jump to photo gallery] This was a very enjoyable and productive shoot with the lovely Chelskii and regular, Laura Toy. The idea was that the girls would use a mixture of corsetry, deportment and exercise to shape and sculpt each other figures into that classic hourglass vintage shape, that we admire so much here… Read More »

Heydi and Shannon – mother and daughter shoot

[Jump to photo gallery] Fabulous "mother and daughter" vintage/fitness shoot with the lovely Shannon and her equally lovely mum, Heydi. Now Shannon is a stunningly beautiful model. She has a fabulous figure and legs that seem to go on for ever. She also lovely thick rich hair that catches the wind, big brown eyes that… Read More »

Jazz and Laura old fashioned deportment class

[Jump to photo gallery] Jazz Wrann and Laura Toy together for a fitness pinup shoot where they emulate an old style deportment and fitness class. [nggallery id=328 template=caption] You can see more of Jazz pictures taken by other photographers on her PurplePort profile:   Read More »

Rose Violet

[Jump to photo gallery] Had the pleasure of meeting and briefly working with the lovely RoseViolet today. She was working with photographer StefL on a cyber-themed shoot at his West Chlitington studio. RoseViolet is a beautiful girl with seemingly endless patience and it is clear why she has so many excellent references. Having spent most… Read More »

Leonie figure control shoot 1

Standing just 150cm tall, Leonie is a very petite model. She is also getting back into shape after having her first baby. So we thought it would be fun to try an old-fashioned figure control and deportment session on her. The effects were actually quite dramatic. Leonie figure control shoot 1 photos [nggallery id=311 template=caption]… Read More »

Chiara fitness and girdle review

[Jump to photo gallery] After quite a long gap we finally got Chiara down for another shoot. And very productive it was too. Firstly we did another "Bonnie Cashin Madenform Girdle" style. Then she did another of her excellent girdle reviews. This time it was a particularly slinky-looking black nylon/Lycra Miraclesuit strapless bodyshaper girdle. [caption… Read More »

Kristina second retro fitness shoot

[jump to photos] This was our second shoot with Kristina, AKA K_VV. Kristina is an amazing model, attractive patient, witty and keen to try new ideas and always prepared to "go that extra mile" in order to get the perfect shot. The main aim of this shoot was to replicate a series of 1950's magazine… Read More »

Anise retro fitness shoot

Had the pleasure of my first shoot with Anise. Despite a 400km round trip, she arrived on-time, well prepared and ready to shoot. Apart from being tall, slim and absolutely stunning, she is also an intelligent, elegant, articulate and highly motivated person, determined to get the best possible images from a shoot. Anise is what… Read More »

Miss Cristal Marie first retro-fitness pin-up shoot

This is my first retro-fitness shoot with the lovely Miss Cristal Marie. It was a last-minute shoot organised because I was let down by another model at short notice. Shoot plan had to be hurriedly rewritten and outfits selected. But it all worked out beautifully. She arrived at my studio at 10:00 UTC, all ready… Read More »

Sarah’s third post-pregnancy shoot

This is the third of a series of photo shoots, intended to document Sarah's progress as she gets back into shape after given birth to two healthy babies. Readers may recall that Sarah ended her second shoot enjoying a deportment session with Chiara. It went really rather well, so we decided to get them together… Read More »

Sarah second post-pregnancy shoot

This is the second of a series of photo shoots, intended to document Sarah's progress as she gets back into shape after given birth to two healthy babies. First part of the shoot was with Sarah on her own, modelling her own tightly-laced corset, teamed up with  a pair of snugly fitting black lycra control… Read More »

Chiara modelling golden American swimsuit

This is a brief shoot where Chiara models a very stylish Half Moon retro one-piece swimsuit, kindly provided by eBay seller Bella Swimwear USA. Unfortunately, due to bad weather and other pressures, we haven't been able to shoot outside. We'll probably do that next spring. Note the "girdle" snaps at the end are unrelated to… Read More »

Sarah’s first post-pregnancy shoot

Just got back in touch with Sarah after four years. Back in 2007 Sarah did a couple of splendid shoots with us. But then things went quiet. Turns out that she has given birth to two happy, healthy babies and is embarking upon a fitness programme to get back into shape. This seems like a… Read More »

Chiara 10 years of shooting

I first worked with Chiara way back 2001-06-09. In that time we have done dozens of shoots and taken many thousands of pictures. In that time we have become good fiends and done many projects together. Whilst it has always been brilliant fun, it has also been a lot of work, and poor Chiara has… Read More »

Chiara girdle review

In the tradition of our old Zona project, we asked Chiara to do another modern girdle review shoot. Only this time we decided not merely to photograph the garments, but also to sum up Chiara's opinions in pictures [nggallery id=16 template=caption] So here we have two low-cost but nicely-made new black pantie girdles bought via… Read More »

Chiara Maidenform Bonnie Cashin ad project

Working with Chiara tends to inspire me with strange or surreal ideas. This shoot was based on a 1961 magazine advert for Maidenform girdles. Basically it involved taking two images of the model, one in a girdle and another shot of her wearing the same girdle under her dress. The two images were stitched together… Read More »

Chiara and Heather Pink Shoot

This shoot was entirely Heather's own idea. In this "pink-themed" shoot, Heather teams up with regular model Chiara. Chiara's role was to  help Heather pose with that classic retro pin-up body shape, so we could capture some authentic-looking retro dressing-room pictures. [nggallery id=28 template=caption] Read More »

Chiara tidies the studio – shoot#3

Last of three shoots in September 2006, where I follow Chiara around as she goes about her various chores. Dubbed "t-shirt and girdle" shoots, Chiara wears a tight, figure-forming pantie-girdle as a pair of bum-hugging hot pants. Instead of using my usual studio camera, I used a Panasonic Lumix LX1 point-and shoot. Due to its… Read More »