LilliB pinup and vintage fitness shoot

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LilliB Pinup – a fabulous vintage pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Lilli. Hard to believe it was only her second shoot.  And it was her first in a studio environment. It was also the first time she had been laced into a corset.

She has a petite but shapely figure, long slim legs and tiny little waist. These are complimented by her dance skills and gentle flowing movements. Not to mention her infectious laugh and a smile that lights up the room. She has the ability to place herself with millimetric precision. She certainly seems to enjoy a challenge. She also seems keen to engage with vintage/pinup and adds a rather special ethnic dimension to the genre. She certainly looks a million dollars in a corset! 🙂

We became a little sidetracked from our original shoot-plan. This was because lots of new ideas emerged while we were shooting. Lilli is a very creative person. This unexpected material was well worth the detour. And Lilli seemed to enjoy herself. Besides, what we didn’t shoot this time, hopefully we’ll do in a future shoot.  LilliB is always welcome back to my studio. I hope it is sooner rather than later. 🙂

Lovely model, lovely person and very highly recommended.

Influences for Lillib pinup

We wanted to give the shoot an extra dimension. So we used images of the beautiful Dorothy Dandridge as our inspiration for LilliB pinup. Dandridge was the first African American actress nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress. I also had the old song by The Who entitled “Pictures of Lilly” racing through my head.

Pictures of Lilli

More pictures of Lilli

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