Chiara tidies the studio

Chiara is not merely a very talented retro model. She is also my researcher, shoot organiser, model trainer and she organises the studio. Those familiar with this site will know that often when she is sorting out the place or tidying up the studio, she replaces her normal clothes with a t-shirt, bra and pantie girdle or control briefs, using them as figure-enhancing hot pants. 

This is partly so that she can try on various outfits and see how they work. It is also because I can follow her around, and photograph her whenever she does anything interesting. That makes for less-posed and more candid imagery. Means we also get some rather unusual shots.

2 thoughts on “Chiara tidies the studio

  1. I think that n. 25 and n. 26 are identical…

    • Not any more, they ain’t LOL 🙂 I just fixed it! Seriously Chiara, thanks for pointing it out. With this many images on-site, it is easy to drop in a few duplicates.

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