Stephy Samer Fashion Shoot

[Jump to photo gallery]Stephy Samer Fashion Shoot – a fashion shoot with the lovely Stephy Samer. Stephy is half-Egyptian and half-Brazilian, and is a regular visitor to my studio. As you can see from the images below, she has a fabulous figure and perfect posture. She is also a very intelligent and articulate young women, speaks several languages and has just completed her degree here in Portsmouth.

She is very fit and enjoys yoga and bellydance and she’s very good at them too! This probably explains her excellent figure control. In fact, Stephy is one of the few models I have worked with who can pull-in her tummy to look like she is wearing a tightly-laced corset – even though she isn’t wearing one at all. She makes it look so easy and she can hold it in for ages too. Most importantly, Stephy is a very kind and gentle person, with a cheeky smile and a great sense of humour.

This time she asked if she could do a fashion shoot and I agreed. Consequently, she bought a selection of items from her wardrobe. She she mixed-and-matched this with a selection from ours. She also wanted the images to look a little different from previous work. Therefore I produced two versions of the shoot. The first is a sort of “Technicolor” version that I tried to give that “early days of colour” look. The second set is monochrome that I specially filtered, to give it an authentic “Ilford IP4 black-and-white feel”.

Stephy Samer fashion shoot pictures – colour version

Stephy Samer fashion shoot pictures – monochrome version

Stephy Samer’s pictures taken by other photographers…

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