JaySeaW as Honey Ryder

[Jump to Photos] This was third shoot with the lovely JaySeaW. JayseaW is a tall, elegant young woman, with lovely posture, slim hourglass figure and long, long legs that seem to go on forever.

JaySeaW as Honey Ryder – what we did…

Fortunately for us, JaySeaW rather enjoys dressing up. So we thought it would be fun to develop this idea a little and get her to replicate some images form the past. So this time we dug out some baby oil and a fine mist sprayer an went for a “JaySeaW as Honey Ryder” wet-look set.

Being an experienced model and having shot vintage here a couple of times before, JaySeaW knows and understands the style of photography we like to shoot here at waist.it. She was able to strike the perfect pose, pulling in her already flat tummy to give that authentic concave waist,

We also shot a Wonder Woman mock-up using whatever we could find in costumes box, including a red belly dance costume for her top and a tight blue vintage girdle that we used for her bottoms. This showed-off her curves rather elegantly. Granted, it wasn’t a particularly authentic Wonder Woman  copy. But she did look rather splendid and we had a lot of fun doing it! 🙂

She brought some rather pleasing costumes of her own too. This included a slinky red animal print dress and a little black, white and snake-skin bikini. Both of which looked stunning on her.

JaySeaW’s’s pictures

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