Dawsie retro fitness and figure shaping

Dawsie bikini rotation[Jump to photo gallery] Just enjoyed an amazingly productive 6-hour vintage fitness pinup shoot with Dawsie. Whilst this genre was new to her, she took to it very quickly. The task was made easier by the fact she is physically fit and has a lovely hourglass figure.

The shoot comprised of a series of sets that would deploy a mix of posture, camera angle and corsetry to make a modern girl’s figure look vintage. And it all had to be done with a sense of irony and fun. The transformation from modern to vintage and working to achieve that classic hourglass vintage shape is always half the fun of working with someone who has not done vintage before. And she definitely injected a sense of fun into the shoot – which is always our prime objective in any sort of pinup.

We worked her quite hard in order to help her achieve that flat tummy and concave waist that we so admire here at waist.it. Whilst she is very fit and a keen kick boxer, she had never done old fashioned deportment before. So we put her in a little red retro bikini made her stand tall, head up, shoulders down and back, tummy tucked-in, whilst we photographed her from all possible angles. To keep her tucked in, we moved on to a variety of vintage style tummy control swimsuits, girdles and corsets – the good old-fashioned push-you-up, hold-you-in kind. 🙂 This worked beautifully on her. We even got her to pose for some fitness demo pictures that we intend to publish later in our forthcoming posing guide.

Dawsie, is a sweet natured girl with a positive mental attitude and a delightfully sculptable body. She always managed to make complex and difficult poses look natural and easy – though I suspect she probably had some aching muscles afterwards.

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