Nannina fitness pinup

[Jump to photo gallery] Nannina fitness pinup shoot – a pleasant and productive shoot with the lovely 19-year-old, half-Italian model, Nannina Paliotta. She arrived at the studio with hair and make-up done beautifully and she worked hard throughout the shoot to achieve the desired looks and poses.

Nina is a new model with a lovely figure and the most beautiful big brown eyes. Even better for vintage/pinup, she has no tattoos. None. Not even a small one! Even better than that, she lives just the other side of town literally a few km up the road! And she likes shooting vintage!

Nina’s mum also attended the shoot as chaperone. She was very encouraging and positive – which helped to boost Nina’s confidence. Though, had we known in advance, then we would have laid-out the studio to make it more comfortable for her. Nevertheless, we did our best and she was very accommodating.

The four-and-a-half hour shoot was great fun and whizzed past in what seemed like about twenty minutes! 🙂 However, we still managed to get through plenty of costumes and looks. She also tried some stop-frame animations, which she performed with excellent precision. These are currently being processed and should be completed in a week or so.

Nannina fitness pinup pictures

Nannina’s pictures taken by other photographers…

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