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  • Shoots 2003

Photo shoots 2003.

Ultraviolet light shoot. Chiara models white MS bra and Berlei Gay Slant panty girdle.

Chiara in t-shirt and girdle, then replacing ripped t-shirt with her luxurious (and very expensive) Italian velvet corset.

Chiara teaches best friend Annie how to do the retro thing.


Chiara tries French outfits

Chiara's wacky birthday shoot.

Second shoot where Chiara teaches best friend Annie how to do the retro thing.

Chiara models ludicrously tight dress made entirely out of silver gaffer tape.

Chiara and her best friend Annie in the garden, modelling t-shirts, blouses, bras and some far-too-tight zip-front pantie girdles, worn as beautifully figure-hugging hot pants. Followed by an even tighter corset shoot in the studio!

Chiara working in the garden in her bikini.

Chiara out in the New Forest in a little red Mazda MX5. Wearing her French Dim-Up lycra control briefs as delightfully tum-and-bum hugging hotpants.

Chiara at the beach and in the New Forest, in a little red Mazda MX5 roadster. First she wears a tight black long-legged Playtex pantie girdle as cycling shorts. Then she changes into her French Dim-Up lycra control briefs, which she uses as the most delightfully figure-hugging hotpants.

Bikini-clad Chiara washes a little red Mazda MX5. She then returns to the studio for a dance shoot - dancing in her DIm-Ups, of course..

Chiara models girdle, corset and dress in a random studio shoot.

Leggy, strawberry blonde model Ruth poses in some retro club and swimwear.

Some retro plus some other crazy stuff @ the London Erotica show 2003.

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