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We've been shooting vintage for quite a long time now. Over the years, various models have helped us compile a series of demonstrations in order to show other models how to pose the retro way.

Note the positioning of the legs, why hunched shoulders look so bad and the difference that a nicely tucked in tummy can make to a young lady's figure.

Chiara gently but firmly corrects her friend Carlie's posture - flattening her tummy and lifting her chest, making her look taller, slimmer and more elegant.

Chiara is particularly good at teaching new retro models how to look better on film as well as how to achieve that authentic retro figure.

Model Saffron is also a talented artist with a good eye for a picture. So she selected some of the images we have taken of her and edited them herself.

Animated "gif" files. One of my favourite photo techniques is to take a series of pictures of models performing a simple sequence of movements, and then stitch these still frames together in a moving animation. Here are a few examples - though please be aware they are quite large and may take a few moments to appear on your screen...

A collection of images edited in "Pinta" - a very smooth, sophisticated, open source image editor for GNU/Linux.

A few sample images. Many of these pictures were first used on portfolio pages on other sites. In any event, these should give a first-time visitor to the site a taste of what she/he can expect.

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