Shoots 2016

2016-01-15 LilliB

A fabulous vintage pinup/fitness shoot with the lovely LilliB. Hard to believe it was only her second shoot - and the first in a studio environment. It was also the first time she had ever been laced into a corset.

Her petite but shapely figure, long slim legs and tiny little waist are complimented by her dance skills and gentle flowing movements - not to mention her infectious laugh and a smile that lights up the room. She has the ability to place herself with millimetric precision and seems to enjoy a challenge. She also seems keen to engage with vintage/pinup and adds a rather special ethnic dimension to the genre. And she certainly looks a million dollars in a corset!

We did get a little sidetracked from our original shoot-plan - mostly because lots of new ideas emerged while we were shooting. Lilli is a very creative person and this unexpected material was well worth the detour.

2016-04-02 Lexy EA Jones

Enjoyed a fabulous retro-fitness pinup shoot with the lovely Lexy Jones. Her pre shoot comms were excellent. She turned up, on the dot, with a case load of outfits to add to the ones we had prepared for her. Her make-up was excellent. Her perfect posture and tiny waist makes her the ideal model for vintage work. All the costumes we tried on her looked amazing. She has the added benefit of being a very pleasant person to have around.

Only trouble working with Lexy is that time seems to disappear. Our six hour shoot whizzed past in what seemed about twenty minutes. Though fortunately she has agreed to come back for a second shoot.

2016-04-08 Miss Mercury

Vintage pinup shoot with the delightful Miss Mercury. Now, this lady really knows how to do vintage, and she does it with style and panache. She arrived “on the dot“, properly prepared, with her hair and make-up done perfectly. She also had a case-load of beautifully made vintage corsetry – mostly What Katie Did – none of yer Anne Summers rubbish. :-)

She also had some fabulous dresses and robes – though sadly we ran out of time to use them all. But she has promised to bring them next time. Seems there is a reasonable chance there will be a “next time” too. As luck would have it, although she is based in Brighton, it transpires that her mum lives just a couple of hundred metres down the road from our studio.

2016-04-23 Dayna Nirvana

Vintage pinup and fitness studio shoot with the stunning Dayna Nirvana. This girl is quite exceptional. She has an excellent understanding of the vintage/pinup genre – injecting an almost infectious sense of fun into the shoot. She is also very fit, mostly as a result of her work as an aerialist. This makes her amazingly bendy and flexible too.

She has that classic hourglass figure. Perfect posture, concave waist and a flat little tummy that she always keeps neatly tucked in. She also and legs that seem to go on forever. Her fabulous look is topped off beautifully with her long platinum-blond hair and big blue eyes. Which means she looks fantastic in vintage corsetry and swimwear. She is also very fit. Which means she can do that vintage fitness look too. In fact, she carries that vintage look with perfection. We managed to get two excellent stop-frame animations too.

Dayna works incredibly hard in order to achieve the desired image. Whether it’s balancing on roller-skates, being tight laced into corsets or sprayed with water in order to giver her a “wet look”. She can place herself with millimetric precision. Nothing is too much trouble for her. Her slim, toned-but-curvy body makes the best of every pose she tries. Most importantly, Dayna is a really nice, pleasant. down-to-earth person to work with.

2016-04-23 Dayna Nirvana animation stills

Animation stills form Dayna's vintage pinup shoot.

2016-05-07 Emski

We had the pleasure of working with the lovely Emski today. She is an attractive and enthusiastic mature model who enjoys the vintage genre. She loved our girdle-packed dressing up boxes. She also came equipped with a good selection of her own nicely-made shapewear. In fact, while she was in the studio, she confessed to being something of a shapewear addict. :-)

Emski is a very pleasant and considerate person, and great fun to work with. Her pre-shoot communications were excellent. All-in-all, it was a thoroughly good day’s shooting.

2016-05-22 Ronnie97

Vintage pinup fitness shoot with the lovely Ronnie97 (AKA ChloeSul) . She is a natural beauty with a fresh but sophisticated look – perfect for vintage work. And she seems keen to engage in the vintage genre.

She has a lovely bright hazel eyes, a slim natural figure, tiny little waist, nice flat tummy and legs that seem to go on forever. Her ballet and dance training means she has very elegant posture and carries herself very well. Even better, she has no tattoos or silly piercings to spoil her look. She also has lovely thick rich hair that she styled specially for the shoot.

Consequently she was able to give her images a classy and timeless quality – what I think they used to call a “class act” Stateside.

Her pre-shoot comms were good and she is a very pleasant person to have around – kind, considerate, helpful. She also has a good sense of fun and seems keen to try new ideas.

2016-07-03 Nettie

A very enjoyable and productive shoot with the lovely Nettie. Despite being relatively new to the scene, Nettie is a true professional. She turned up on-time, and with hair and make-up all ready to shoot.

She has big blue eyes that capture the camera, and long blond hair catches the light. She also has a lovely slim, shapely figure that would be the envy of many women half her age. This looks particularly good in old style corsetry and foundation-wear. This is further enhanced by her lack of tattoos. All of which makes her perfect for vintage work.

Nettie is a very level-headed, determined and hard-working sort of woman. As well as being her first shoot with me. it was also her first studio shoot. Perhaps more significantly, it was her first vintage shoot. But this was no problem because she had taken trouble to study the shoot plan properly and had independently researched the genre too. I really wish more models would do this. It would make my life so much easier.

All in all, Nettie was a delight to work with and she sailed through the shoot with ease. Only problem was that our six-hour shoot whizzed past in what seemed like about twenty minutes!

2016-07-10 Pixie-Lou

A fabulous studio shoot with the lovely Pixie-Lou. This lass really knows how to work the camera. She also has a brilliant sense of the bizarre.

Originally we planned the shoot around shooting vintage pin-up. This is a style that certainly suits her delightfully curvy figure. But then we decided to move on to a bit of vintage Sci-Fi instead, complete with fog machine, electronic kit, LED lighting and a pair of "androids". It worked wonderfully well and a thoroughly good time was had by all.

All-in-all, she is a truly excellent model, great fun to work with and very highly recommended.

2016-09-03 Miss Danni Lou

A fabulous vintage pinup shoot with the lovely Miss Danni Lou. Whilst this genre was new to her, she took to it very quickly.

The shoot comprised of a series of sets that would deploy a mix of posture, camera angle and corsetry to make a modern girl’s figure look vintage. And it all had to be done with a sense of irony and fun. The transformation from modern to vintage and working to achieve that classic hourglass vintage shape is always half the fun of working with someone who has not done vintage before.

She certainly injected a sense of fun into the shoot – which is always our prime objective in any sort of pinup. Unfortunately, the shoot whizzed past so fast that we did not have time to do everything we planned. Fortunately for us she lives very locally, and we hope to see her again here in the studio very soon indeed.

2016-09-09 Danielle the Dancer

A thoroughly splendid pinup and dance shoot with the lovely Danielle Morrison. Now Danielle is what the Americans might call a “class act”. Tall, slim and elegant, she is a wonderful model to work with to work with – keen, classy and absolutely stunning, with perfect posture, hair that catches the light, and a smile that lights up the room. She is also a talented, classically-trained dancer who can do pointe and clearly has a passion for her dance. Consequently she moves beautifully and is able to create dramatic poses, whilst placing herself with millimetric precision.

Her pre-shoot communications were excellent. She also took the time and trouble to study the shoot-plan properly and she came well prepared for the shoot. And her enthusiasm coupled with her keen Scottish sense of humour made the shoot a true pleasure. As if that weren’t enough, she has a flawless complexion, unspoilt with tattoos. That’s right, no tattoos!. Not even a small one! This makes her particularly suited for vintage work. As others have already indicated, Danielle is truly in a league of her own - and a very nice person too. I hope we can work together again very soon.

2016-10-09 Ronnie97

Our second shoot with the lovely Ronnie, (AKA ChloeSul) here in my studio. This time the shoot was very experimental - deploying a goodly assortment of LED continuous lighting. Also included a pair of mannequins kindly donated by Stefan Lilley, a photographer friend of mine.

The basic idea was to mix a little futurism with some good old-fashioned vintage. Ronniee was incredibly patient throughout and worked hard to achieve the required look. Her slim but shapely hourglass figure and her delightfully retro look make her perfect for this sort of work.

.Lovely model, lovely person and a very enjoyable and productive shoot.

2016-10-30 Nannina

Had a brief but pleasant introductory shoot with the lovely Nannina in which we met also her mum. We only had time for a few casual head-shots but they came out well. In fact. Nannina is a lovely person with a good complexion and beautiful big brown eyes that draw you into the picture. She is also a good communicator and her pre-shoot comms are excellent.

Sadly the shoot was all-too short. Fortunately however, we have a much longer and more structured shoot planned for 2016-12-04, which I am looking forward to very much indeed.

2016-11-06 Fleur

A fabulous pinup-fitness shoot with the lovely Fleur Now Fleur is what our American cousins would call a "class act". She has a delightfully fresh "girl-next-door" look that is perfect for vintage. This is complimented by her fabulous figure, perfect posture, tiny waist and long, long legs that seem to go on for ever. Even better for my style of work, she has no tattoos or silly piercings. Not even a small one! :-)

She is also physically very fit and a classically-trained dancer, who can pose en pointe, To cap it all, she is really a very nice person too - thoroughly delightful to work with. Consequently our 4-hour shoot whizzed past in what seemed like about twenty minutes. Meaning that we still have lots of costumes left to try. Fortunately she only lives just down the road. So if she like the pics as much as I do, then I hope she'll come back for a second shoot very soon. Highly recommended.

2016-11-20 MissGlamour

A fabulous pinup/fitness shoot with the delightful MissGlamour. She is a new model and seems quiet at first. But she soon picked up speed. We first filmed her doing some old fashioned deportment exercises, followed by weights. Two routines that made good use of her lovely trim figure and those long, long legs that seem to go on for ever.

She seems to have a knack for doing difficult poses and making them look easy. And the more demanding the pose, the better she became. She also has a good sense of fun - essential for pinup. On top she is also a very kind and considerate person who is very pleasant to work with.

We did four sets, three with studio flash, and a "grand finale" with corsets, mannequins and smoke all lit by RGB LED.Unfortunately our six-hour shoot shot past in what seemed like about twenty minutes, so we ran out of time to try all the costumes and lighting configurations. So I really hope she likes the photos and will return some day so we can finish it off.

2016-11-20 MissGlamour Specials

A few special edits from MissGlamour's 2016-11-20 photoshoot

2016-11-23 AlexH

A brief but productive shoot with the lovely AlexH. We opted for a burlesque-based theme because it turns out that she has actually done a burlesque dance course. And it shows, because she is good at it - very good indeed. Even better, especially for vintage work, she has no tattoos - none - not even a small one! :-)

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to use all the available costumes. But what we did use looked superb. I hope she comes back to try some more.

2016-11-26 Zoe34

A thoroughly enjoyable and very productive first shoot with the lovely Zoe34. Now Zoe is a delightful woman: charming and considerate. Seems she is also a big corset fan. Which is great because so are we! :-)

So we tried a variety of corsets and good old-fashioned shape-wear on her. No idea what happened to the time though. Our six hour shoot overran by almost 2 hours - but the whole thing seemed like about twenty minutes! And we still didn't get through all the costumes. But what we did try looked fantastic on her.

2016-12-04 Nannina

A pleasant and productive shoot with the lovely Nannina. She arrived at the studio with hair and make-up done beautifully and she worked hard throughout the shoot to achieve the desired looks and poses.

Nina's mum also attended the shoot as chaperone. She was very encouraging and positive - which helped to boost Nina's confidence. Though, had we known in advance, then we would have laid-out the studio to make it more comfortable for her. Nevertheless, we did our best and she was very accommodating.

The four-and-a-half hour shoot was great fun and whizzed past in what seemed like about twenty minutes! Smile However, we still managed to get through plenty of costumes and looks. She also tried some stop-frame animations, which she performed with excellent precision.

Hopefully Nina likes her pictures and will return to try some more at some point in the not-too-distant future.

2016-12-11 Miss Danni Lou and Char

My second pleasant and productive shoot with the delightful Miss Danni Lou. This time she brought round friend who had never modelled before, and it was interesting to watch the kind and gentle way Danni helps to direct her friend.

Now, I always like working with Danni, she always brings a lot of her own ideas to the shoot. Seems she is also becoming something of a corset fan and has started a programme of waist training - which is useful for the type of vintage work that I do. Fact she lives just a couple of km down the road is a something of a bonus. We are already talking in terms of what we what to do for our future shoots and I am very much looking forward to working with her again.

2016-12-28 Helen-Rose

Spent a fabulous day with the lovely Helen-rose. Now Helen is definitely what our "transatlantic cousins" would call a "class act". With her lovely long hair, athletic hourglass figure and long shapely legs, she is a delight to photograph. Turns out that her vital stats are similar to the late Bettie Page, in her heyday. Which is probably one of the reasons why vintage costumes look particularly good on her.

She came with a car-load of outfits, including some amazingly nice corsets. Sadly we did not have time for them all. She also brought a wonderful tailor-made sparkly ball gown that hugged her every curve with millimetric precision. And she tried a goodly selection of our costumes too.

Her pre-shoot comms were excellent, and we set out a fairly detailed shoot plan. However we kept adding ideas - so many ideas that the clock eventually gave up on us! But I sincerely hope she will return for a second shoot, to try some of the outfits and ideas that time would not permit on this occasion.