Shoots 2003

2003-03-18 Chiara

Ultraviolet light shoot. Chiara models white MS bra and Berlei Gay Slant panty girdle.

2003-03-21 Chiara

Chiara in t-shirt and girdle, then replacing ripped t-shirt with her luxurious (and very expensive) Italian velvet corset.

2003-03-29 Annie and Chiara

Chiara teaches best friend Annie how to do the retro thing.



2003-04-30 Chiara

Chiara tries French outfits

2003-05-02 Chiara birthday

Chiara's wacky birthday shoot.

2003-05-05 Annie and Chiara

Second shoot where Chiara teaches best friend Annie how to do the retro thing.

2003-05-23 Chiara gaffer tape dress

Chiara models ludicrously tight dress made entirely out of silver gaffer tape.

2003-06-17 Annie and Chiara

Chiara and her best friend Annie in the garden, modelling t-shirts, blouses, bras and some far-too-tight zip-front pantie girdles, worn as beautifully figure-hugging hot pants. Followed by an even tighter corset shoot in the studio!

2003-08-08 Chiara

Chiara working in the garden in her bikini.

2003-08-12 Chiara MX5

Chiara out in the New Forest in a little red Mazda MX5. Wearing her French Dim-Up lycra control briefs as delightfully tum-and-bum hugging hotpants.

2003-08-13 Chiara MX5

Chiara at the beach and in the New Forest, in a little red Mazda MX5 roadster. First she wears a tight black long-legged Playtex pantie girdle as cycling shorts. Then she changes into her French Dim-Up lycra control briefs, which she uses as the most delightfully figure-hugging hotpants.

2003-08-20 Chiara

Bikini-clad Chiara washes a little red Mazda MX5. She then returns to the studio for a dance shoot - dancing in her DIm-Ups, of course..

2003-08-27 Chiara

Chiara models girdle, corset and dress in a random studio shoot.

2003-08-30 Ruth

Leggy, strawberry blonde model Ruth poses in some retro club and swimwear.


Some retro plus some other crazy stuff @ the London Erotica show 2003.